Friday, January 23, 2009

"Freedom is Not Free"

So.. Apparently the Obamination of America has started….

I am truly saddened by what I have been reading in the newspaper and on the internet as of late. I know that the things that I am saddened about are very controversial. I understand that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, thought and actions. But the sad fact in all this, is that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.. I don’t think that some people understand or believe that. As a wife of a man who served his country in a war that the American people obviously don’t support or believe in, I for one am truly grateful. The notion that we can just pull out of Iraq and everything will be fine is purely fantasy. I had the opportunity to take my husband to visit OUR nation’s capitol, Washington D.C in the fall of 2007, for his first time. After visiting all of the sites of the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the World War II Memorial and several others, I am terrified of the fact that our country wants to just pull out of a war and NOT honor the thousands of service members in our Armed Forces that have passed in this war and all the previously fought wars is disheartening. My husband and I are scared of the fact that we will pull out and all those soldiers had died in vain. For nothing. That is absurd. We the American people are trying to create peace in lands that currently don’t have the freedoms of speech, thought and actions as we do. We are a ungrateful country, we just expect that the fact that we live here gives us the right to live with these freedoms. If you ask me the only people who can have that attitude are the ones who EARNED those rights for us, Soldiers, men like my husband who have fought for the freedoms and rights for everyone to enjoy. It is sad to think that 99.9% of all the people that he fought for are ungrateful for the sacrifices that he and others have made. If you ever have the chance to visit our nation’s capitol make sure that you visit the Korean War Memorial, there you will see the wall that states, “Freedom is Not Free”. I for one hope that in the coming times that we as a nation will learn to be grateful for the rights that we get to enjoy everyday. Can you imagine getting in your car and being worried that it might explode when you start it up or that when you send your kids off to school that they might not be safe from terrorist and other groups/organizations of people who wish to harm them. I can only hope and pray that I don’t ever forget the sacrifices that others have made for me to enjoy in this Great Country, AMERICA. There are no words to express how extremely grateful I am for my husband and the other great men and women who have courage. The courage to fight for all of our freedoms.

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